42000w 56hp Electric Bike Triple Motor (video#3) YES, the monster is rolling! First tests at 300A

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Triple AstroFlight 3220 Motor System:

• Motors: 3x air cooled AstroFlight 3220, custom machined cans and billet cooling fans, 3 turn Wye, sensorless with custom 1/2” heavy duty shaft.
• Reduction unit: This is a drive unit with a custom motor plate, extra wide belt, custom motor pulleys, heavy duty idlers, extra large output shaft with keyway and extremely high output freewheel. Use a heavy duty trials bicycle chain (tested by Matt Shumaker at 40hp without problems)
• Controllers: Castle Creations Edge 160HV programmed for EV use and high amp running (280A each x3 = 840A total)
• Throttle: few tricks to connect a 5v Magura throttle to a radio controlled (wireless) motor controller. It also has a “throttle end point”, a potentiometer that you can limit the maximum power output by limiting the throttle maximum voltage.
• Shunt, 2x bus bars and 3x 300A DC circuit breakers

SPECS of this system:
• Continuous / Peak Amperage (all 3 motors together) = Peak amperage is 280 per motor (so 840 amps total) for 2 seconds, 690 amps for 15 seconds, and 400 amps continuous.
• System Peak Power (watts / HP) = Peak wattage is 14,000 per motor (42,000 for all three). Divide that by 746 for HP, basically 56hp
• Torque = Peak torque at each motor shaft is 15 ft pounds. That is each of the three motors. Continuous torque is 5ft pounds per motor. So, you are looking at 235ft pounds at the freewheel. Therefore, if the radio is 3 to 1 from freewheel to the wheel, you are looking at 800 ft pounds of torque at the rear wheel (peak).
• System Continuous Power (watts / HP) = 22hp continuous for the three motor system.
• Motor maximum RPM = 11,300
• Weight of the drive including controllers = around 10.5kg (23 pounds)